Our products

Our products are carefully designed and developed with our users in mind to help busy people get more done.


Emma.ai helps you take back control of your time, and better manage your schedule. Emma automatically calculates and adds accurate travel time when scheduling physical appointments, and adds buffer time to avoid back-to-back meetings.

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Eric.ai makes sure your meetings count. Choose from a selection of agenda templates to keep your discussions on track, and then watch as Eric captures and transcribes your meeting, automatically detecting action points and providing you with a shareable meeting summary when the meeting has finished.

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Local People

Local People is designed to make booking ad-hoc, simple jobs with local service providers as easy as pie. Facilitating appointment scheduling and management, trustworthy reviews and secure payment, Local People is the modern community’s answer to a digital marketplace.

About us

Combine AI is a software company specialising in intelligent business productivity tools, powered by artificial intelligence.

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