About us

Combine AI is a software company specialising in intelligent business productivity tools, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

We are fascinated by the limitless possibilities of the combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence that can, together, empower us to be smarter with our time.

Our mission is to automate the automatableAutomating simple tasks to help busy people focus on what they love to do

Combine AI gets its name from the development of quality products that enable the combination of human and artificially intelligent efforts to augment productivity.

Aaron Mason founded Combine AI. He is fascinated by and celebrates the convergence of human and AI efforts to empower businesses to get more done, with simple, easy to use and affordable products that offer real value and impact.

Management Team

We make innovative, relevant and intelligent products that elevate people's productivity by playing to the strengths of humans and artificial intelligence.

We're a remote-first business that is headquartered in London but our team live and work all over the world.


Our values

Our values go into everything we do.


We create innovative, purposeful and relevant products


We care about our customers and act with integrity


We’re keen to automate the automatable, especially those boring admin tasks so people can focus on what they love to do


Our products empower businesses to be smarter with their time through using our intelligent tools

Join us on our mission in automating the automatable

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