Combining AI and human intelligence has infinite possibilities for business productivity

We automate the automatable

Our mix of innovative technology, design-thinking and UX creates purposeful and impactful AI products for busy people.

How we work

Our approach to our products is simple.

We discover the market and user needs to understand 
what people need to make their lives easier

We build the solution to create products for businesses using cutting edge technology

We test our products with our users to ensure we’re solving real-life problems

We launch our products
into the market for you
to enjoy

The virtual assistant that helps you save yourself hours and protect your time.

Easily schedule virtual and in-person meetings directly into your calendar, with buffer time or travel time added automatically.

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The AI meeting assistant built to supercharge your meetings. empowers you to live the meeting dream. Gone are the days of note-taking, writing meeting summaries and updating project management tools with next step tasks. does this all for you.

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Local People

Local People connects local service providers and local customers, offering an easy-to-use platform for appointment scheduling and management, secure payment and trustworthy reviews.

About us

Combine AI is a software company specialising in intelligent business productivity tools, powered by artificial intelligence.

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